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Question: does girls hair grow faster than boys hair, if so, why?

Asked by zangrymango to Carol, Ellie, John, Phil, Rebecca on 29 Jun 2012.

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  • Photo: Rebecca LaceyRebecca Lacey answered on 29 Jun 2012:

    Hi zangrymango!

    I don’t think girls hair grows longer than boys.


  • Photo: John WelfordJohn Welford answered on 1 Jul 2012:

    zangrymango (good name!)

    I’m not sure, but I think hair grows at roughly the same rate for girls and boys? Boys hair is often shorter than girls, so small changes in length might be more obvious?

    Apparently the average rate is 1.25cm per month, or 0.4mm per day.


  • Photo: Carol WhiteCarol White answered on 2 Jul 2012:

    They grow at the same rate, but boys tend to have shorter hair cuts and have their hair cut more often!