Question: have you ever talked to anyone famous?


  1. Sir David Attenborough……Nice bloke


  2. Jimmy Carr the comedian…. I fell over his feet in a train station and he was very apologetic!

    I also used to train at the same athletics club as Mark Lewis Francis the sprinter – he’s so huge!



  1. I met Rolf Harris last year and had my photo taken with him! He was lovely.


  2. i meet gethin from blue peter, i shook his hand when blue peter did a dog walk, really nice bloke.
    i also met john challis at a booksigning, he was signing peoples book his book being boycie, really good bloke, he even did the famous laugh, he told me his favourite only fools and horses episode. he signed my book and even put a message saying i was nice.


  3. When I was at school I was involved in a conservation event that Prince Charles visited. I didn’t speak to him at all though because I was too busy hunting for bugs in a pond!