Question: Vamparism! Possible or not?


  1. Hi acbaniac013 great question and also great to chat to you this morning in the live chat!

    I don’t think it is possible for vampires exists because I don’t think it is possible for people to come back from the dead. I believe that once they are dead that’s it.

    There are animals which suck blood though, such as leeches, mosquitoes and bedbugs but they do this whilst alive and not after having died.


  2. You can’t prove something don’t exist
    but Vampirism?…..Really?


  3. Hi acbaniac013 – sorry for not answering this in the live chat!

    Everything is possibe, but I bet if it is, then it won’t be in the way we imagine (or how Twilight tells us it is!)…


  4. Like lots of other ideas that come from myths and legends, it is really difficult to define what exactly it means to be a “vampire”, as all the books and films have a slightly different idea of what that means!

    But the general idea of humans feeding off other humans blood, etc, etc, I don’t think is very likely.

    There are vampire bats that have a two pronged bite and feed on animal (and human) blood. They also only feed at night. Part of the vampire stories are probably based on them.



  1. What am I then if vampires don’t exist? 😉 thanks guys