Thank you from your winner Carol

That’s the sound I made when I found out I’d won… it was so loud that people from other offices came to find out what was going on! I still can’t believe I won – I’m so happy and amazed!

I’ve loved every second of IAS, especially the live chats. I can now type super-quickly! Thank you to everyone who voted and asked such interesting, challenging, mind-boggling and sometimes completely mad questions.

When I applied to take part in “I’m a Scientist” I didn’t really think about what would be involved, but I was soon absolutely terrified when I found out I’d got a place in a zone. I was worried that you’d think we were all stereotypical lab-based geeky scientists, but hopefully we’ve managed to convince you that we’re all human and have exciting lives, both inside and outside of science. Thank you Phil, John, Rebecca and Ellie for helping challenge the stereotype and for being wonderful scientists!

My plan is still to spend the money on designing experiments and activities related to the oceans, but I’m going to have a huge planning session in August when I have some holiday. First I’ll contact all the oceanographers I know and look into whether or not somewhere like the Natural History Museum London can give me some advice with the event planning-side of things. I can’t wait to show people some of the strange creatures found in the deep ocean, like the little guys (ostracods) in the photo. I don’t want to spill the beans on my ideas yet… partly because they are changing and also because I like the well-known element of surprise! I’d love to take my project into the schools that were in my zone, so hopefully I’ll be able to see some of you in person in the very near future!

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Thank you again for being so curious and enthusiastic, I hope you all know a little bit more about what life as a marine-scientist is like… and maybe I’ll work with some of you later in life!

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