• Question: Why do some people get floaty things at the back of their eyes? It makes you see all these illusions(half invisible/white) that move in different directions.

    Asked by dynamitefire to Carol, John, Phil on 5 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: John Welford

      John Welford answered on 5 Jul 2012:

      I think you’re talking about a condition called “myodesopsia” in which people can see things floating in their vision. Like this:

      It seems like these are literally things floating inside the eye. The cause seems to be damage to they eye, usually just as part of the ageing process.

    • Photo: Carol White

      Carol White answered on 6 Jul 2012:

      Oh no, I hate having floaty bits in front of my eyes!

      I was told it happens when not ennough blood gets to your visual cortex – the bit at the back of your brain where you process all the information from your eyes.

      You can get this if you stand up too quickly, or are about to faint, have been straining your eyes, or even over-exercising.

      It’s usually nothing to worry about, but it does feel horrible when it happens!

    • Photo: Phil

      Phil answered on 6 Jul 2012:

      Floaty things at the back of your eyes
      are really floating things in your eyes!

      They’re full of liquid, things float in um!
      They’re there and you can see um

      You’re bind spot is the bit of your eye that you cant see

      Honestly Try the test