Rebecca Lacey

Photo: Rebecca

Me and my Work: I am Social Epidemiologist. I look at why some children who experience parental divorce report psychological distress as an adult and how this has changed over the last 50 years

Status: Sad to be voted off :( - probably a good thing as was getting a bit too addictive and I wasn't getting much work done! Viva preparation here we come!!

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Photo: Phil

Me and my Work: Me and 200 other scientists trying to make the UK a better and safer place. (While having fun with science along the way of course!)

Status: Go Carol!!! Very well done! (..and deserved!), Thank you to all those that voted for me, The chat rooms were an absolute Blast !!, PEACE !!

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John Welford

Photo: John

Me and my Work: I’m a PhD student investigating small electric motors for use in the engines of large trucks.

Status: Sad to be voted out, but still interested to see who wins!

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Eleanor Turpin

Photo: Ellie

Me and my Work: Supercomputers vs. superbugs – I use computer simulations to understand how new antibiotics can treat illnesses that are very hard to cure.

Status: Is it true that all scientists are geeks?

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Carol White

Photo: Carol

Me and my Work: I’m a bio-geo-chemi-oceanographer (what a mouthful!) studying the strange creatures living on the sea floor – figuring out how they influence how much carbon is stored in ocean sediments.

Status: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you Rebecca, Phil, John & Ellie for being amazing scientists and thank you to every single one of you who asked a question, voted, and made the last two weeks an absolutely awesome experience!

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