• Question: On your roadshow what and how would you teach people about the oceans?

    Asked by lilbitwierder to Carol on 6 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Carol White

      Carol White answered on 6 Jul 2012:

      Hey – glad you’ve asked me!

      What to teach? Well that’s why I’m trying to get lots of ideas from you guys about what you’re interested in, or want to know more about. It won’t be a lesson, but more like a workshop where you choose what you want to do – it could be everything, or you might just stick at something. Everyone is different, and likes different things.

      I want it to be experiment based: so lots of tanks of water for experiments (e.g. ocean acidification, by adding acid to water and seeing when creatures would dissolve) and some species to look at (big ones, tiny ones, dead ones). I’ve been designing some myself but there are a few I’ve heard about that I want to try out too! Like simulating oil spills ad working out ways to clean it up – there’s some weird ideas that involve human hair!